Product Development Creating products that take advantage of the results

OEM case study

In addition to the OEM’s of color contact lenses, we handle the total production process of cosmetics and health and beauty products, from planning and product development to sales.

Honey Trap One dayBringing cuteness to all women

This natural-type color contact lens is usable by members of almost every generation.
*Only available at Matsumoto Kiyoshi Group stores.

Target All women who shop at drugstores.
Selling agency Techno MedicaCo., Ltd.

PEARLFLAN BY CherieA sweet secret, just for me

Inspired by leading elegant feminine brands, we enhanced our lenses’ color mixtures based on the image of a “glamorous pearl”. The result is a complex three-dimensional design that goes a step beyond the popular sheer-tint style.

Target Teenaged girls who want to look just a bit older, and women in their twenties who desire a glamorous, adult appearance.
Selling agency funny K Co.,Ltd.

CidinaThe next step to Neo eye

Natural color and simply good coloring are two different things. These color contacts faithfully reproduce the natural glamour of a foreigner’s eyes.
*Available at Don Quixote locations nationwide.

Target Women who take their style a step further, incorporating elements from overseas to bring out their individuality instead of imitating others.
Selling agency Simeon Co.,Ltd.

“Creating products that deliver excitement and surprise”

We use our massive database of wholesale and retail marketing data to create revolutionary,
never-before-seen products.

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