E-commerce The Largest-scale Japanese contact lens specialists"MORECONTACT"


morecon URL:https://morecon.jp

We operate the largest contact lens sales site in Japan.

We deal in everything from clear and color contact lenses to eye care products and contact lens cases.

600,000 users

With a varied lineup of over 15,000 products, we are supported by a huge number of customers.

Thorough quality management

We ensure that we only deal in contact lenses that have received specially controlled medical device certification numbers.

A variety of delivery services and payment methods

We support a wide variety of different delivery services and payment methods to maximize convenience for our customers.

Introduction of multi-shop expansionWe proactively work for multi-shop expansion to deliver our products to more customers.

Cross-border EC for China

We sell Japanese-branded color contact lenses to China to meet the rising demand from Chinese women.

“Delivering excitement and surprise to the online shopping experience”

We strive to achieve a shop setup that will meet a variety of needs so that customers can feel good about their purchase even without a face-to-face interaction.
We strive towards a shop that customers will love.